This 13-Yr-Old School Boy Comes Up With A Solution For Delhi’s Odd-Even Problem

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1:53 pm 20 Dec, 2015

With Delhi’s odd-even strategy soon coming into play, Akshat Mittal, a class VIII student at Amity International School, Noida, has come up with a ingenious way to make people’s life a little easier.

While local residents of Delhi have been scratching their heads on how to go about this unorthodox strategy, Mittal has come out with a web solution to help people out.


Mittal with the help of his father has created a website called where people can share their journey details and the site in turn will help them connect with people with whom they can travel for regular travelling from/to work.


Talking about how this website works, Mittal said:

“When the chief minister declared that odd and even numbered cars will ply on alternate days, I thought of creating this website. So many people living in the same locality might be going to the same place, of which, they are not aware, so this website will bridge the communication gap. Besides, this will help making new contacts.”

What one has to do is fill out answers to few general questions like their name, source, destination, car’s registration number and other preferences like age, gender and profession.

The website in turn will take these details and match them with people in the same area heading to the destination they are heading to so they can car pool. Representational Image

Further, if one doesn’t own a car and just wants to hitch a ride, he/she doesn’t need to provide a car registration number. After furnishing necessary details, possible matches will appear.


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Mittal also plans to come up with a mobile app to make the site accessible.

While there are other carpooling apps available in the market, the unique thing about this one is that it has been built keeping just this odd and even strategy in mind.

Earlier this month, Delhi government decided to start the odd-even car formula from January 1, 2016, in order to cut down the growing air pollution in the national capital.

Under this strategy, the cars with even registration numbers will ply on one day and one with odd registration numbers will ply the next, with Sunday’s being free for all.



When Akshat was asked where did he learn coding for this website and why did he come up with it as schools will remain close during this time, the youngster quickly replied that it was his father who helped him.

Being an IT entrepreneur himself his father helped him with the  PHP coding while he himself is versed with HTML, CSS and JAVA codes.

Business Collective

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Mittal also plans to extend layers of security on the website, should the government plan to extend this beyond January 15. He would also let users log in via their their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

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