SC Revokes Subrata Roy Parole, Sends Him Back To Jail For Giving False Information

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2:32 pm 23 Sep, 2016

The Supreme Court on September 23 decided to send Sahara chief Subrata Roy and two other Sahara directors back to jail after they learned that Sahara had given wrong information on property status.

The apex court was left livid with the Sahara Group, that they had given a list of properties that can’t be auctioned.


SEBI on September 23 informed the apex court that most of the property given on Sahara’s list have already been mentioned on the attached list provided by the Income Tax department, and thus cannot be auctioned off.

The new information left the SC bench fuming, and it said that this meant that the Sahara group was “not cooperating” and it was better that they go back to jail.


Chief Justice TS Thakur, who was heading the bench. India Times

Chief Justice TS Thakur, who was heading the bench. India Times

When Sahara’s Counsel Rajeev Dhawan told the SC that they cannot deposit Rs300 crore more for extension of bail, and requested the hearing to be extended till September 30, the court rejected his request.

When Counsel Dhawan  called the move “unfair” and one “taken in anger”, Justice TS Thakur, who was heading the bench, retorted by saying:

“Don’t tell us what to do. Interim arrangement stands canceled. Take Roy and two others (directors of Sahara group) be taken back to custody… (there is ) no question of anger.”

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