SC Clarifies Only Transgenders Come Under ‘Third Category’, Not Lesbians And Gay

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5:32 pm 30 Jun, 2016

Supreme Court has clarified that only transgenders are treated as ‘third gender’ and gay, lesbian and bisexual persons don’t come under this category.

In a landmark judgement by SC in 2014, it ruled that transgenders fall in the third gender category and the government should provide reservation to them in the socially backward category.


The Supreme Court of India.

The Supreme Court of India.

The court said that following an enquiry by the Central government which stated that it wasn’t clear who all are under ‘third category’.

The Centre was seeking modification in the SC judgment of 2014, saying it could not implement the judgment as in one of the paragraphs, lesbian, gay and bisexual persons were put along with transgender persons in the third gender category.

However, the court denied any such confusion.


Gay rights activists during a protest in New Delhi HT

Gay rights activists during a protest in New Delhi

Transgenders’ advocate contended that under the garb of clarification, the government delayed the compliance of the verdict for the past two years.

Regarding this, Court suggested that government should fine for the delay. However, the court didn’t impose the cost.


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