Sapna Bhavani’s Brave Stand On Salman Is Again Raising Questions On Khan’s Notoriety

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9:05 pm 23 Aug, 2016

Sapna Bhavani is one woman to be in constant media glare for her brazen attitude and fearless words. However, she has never minced her words and has always set the record straight- be it on TV show Bigg Boss citing Salman Khan’s male chauvinistic attitude or revelation about her facing the trauma of gang-rape at the age of 24.

Her new book One Chapter is soon going to be launched and in a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Sapna has bared it all. Although, she strongly dismisses the idea of mentioning Salman in her book (”He isn’t that important”), she didn’t shy from talking about his notorious reputation in the industry.

“This man really misuses people and I don’t have to give him importance, especially in my book… I was warned that you shouldn’t talk about him like that because you could get killed, and I was like, “What!” I had heard rumours, but I have been channelling this ‘no fear’ thing for the past four years and I am not going to let a monkey scare me. I have been through a gang rape, I know what it feels like, I am a surviving member, there is nothing worse you can do to me really.”

She was largely in news after her stint in Big Boss where she clearly didn’t have a good time with Salman Khan.

“(It was a) fuckall experience. You have a male chauvinistic fucking pig as a host of this fucking show, that insults people, so people watch the show, and people worship him on the show because people want a job in one of his stupid fuckall movies where he dances like a monkey – that’s Big Boss in a nutshell.”

Sapna was quite apprehensive going in for the show but it was only after her mom insisted her to make an appearance for the sake of having a voice  that she took the offer. She is proud to have achieved that by showing that ”women like her who can’t be bought by money, women who can’t be bought by fame” exist.

Speaking against Bhai has a cost of its own. Everytime Sapna has spoken against him, she has faced repercussions from his aggressive fans all over. When Sapna voiced against Salman’s rape comment, she was not just trolled incessantly but also faced rape threats.

“It’s insulting to have an Indian man talk like that on an international platform. I am embarrassed to call myself an Indian when statements like these go out worldwide. I was very vocal about it on Twitter, and everywhere. I got a lot of flak for it, but flak or stalkers and trollers should not be the reason why you should stop voicing the truth.

It’s insane, if you read some of the crap that was written… you’d know. Before I started blocking them, I was reporting them to Twitter, my point is to get them off Twitter, but when twitter was also not taking necessary action, I had to block them, because I couldn’t let them affect my mental health. These guys are hired by the Khan and political parties… these people have zero followers, but everyday they come to slam you.”

We are a country of Bollywood fanfare, yet the power stardom shouldn’t get so out of control that we lose an authentic voice. If we can hear what Salman has to say, why can’t we extend the same tolerance to some like Sapna Moti Bhavani?


Read full interview here.


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