This Insanely Funny Tweet Proves That The Real Bhakts Are In The Congress Party

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1:32 pm 22 Nov, 2016

Sanjay Jha is the spokesperson of the Indian National Congress. It obviously means that he is bound to praise everything his party does and everyone in a leadership position in the party. Rahul Gandhi is the vice-president of the party and the face the Grand Old Party believes will one day become the PM of India.

If Jha praises Rahul Gandhi, it makes sense. But if Jha says that the Gandhi scion is the “determined fighter protecting India” – *headdesk*.


Obviously, there is a limit to sycophancy and Twitterati knows that very, very well.


The feed became classic when someone quickly posted a poll and got this laughter-inducing response:

This proves that those who are see bhakts in just one party are either blind or ostriches.

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