Sania Mirza Was Totally Caught Lying In A Promotional Tweet For One Plus 3T

4:54 pm 18 May, 2017

She is swift, aggressive, and passionate on the court. But looks like lying is not her cuppa. We are talking about the ace tennis player, Sania Mirza, and her recent tweet which has woken up the Twitteratti.

Sania Mirza had tweeted praise for OnePlus 3T and quickly deleted it because people caught her using iPhone app. The tweet is the epitome of irony. To know how check this out:

Celebrities often charge for promotional content as a part of influence marketing. The idea is to be subtle with what you say. Sadly, this time, Sania forgot to take care of a few technicalities and fell prey to trolling.

Check out the Twitterati going crazy:

The first reaction.


 The necessary social commentary.


The needful reasoning.


 The deduction.


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