Comedy Of Errors: DMK And AIDMK End Up Using The Same Actor For Their Political Ads

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9:00 pm 12 May, 2016

In an hilarious situation, political rivals AIADMK and DMK  have accidentally ended up using the same actor for their political campaign ads.

GT Kasturi, who is popularly known as Kasturi Paati (grandmother in Tamil), has become an overnight sensation.




The 67-year old has ended up being the face of bitter rivals of Dravidian politics with her portraying the role of an elderly woman complaining about her children in an AIADMK ad and an old woman complaining about leaders who doesn’t understand the ground realities in a DMK ad.

The situation has bemused people so much that they are now calling former AIR actor a link between the two arch rivals.




When asked how did she end up being on the ads for political rivals, Kasturi said:

“I am shocked. I wasn’t told by the casting agent that I would be acting in a DMK ad, I thought I was only appearing in Amma’s ad.”

Though she claims to be neutral to both the parties, she did complain that she received Rs.1,500 for the AIADMK ad, but only Rs.1,000 for the DMK’s.




Besides being the face of these ads, Kasturi has also appeared in over 300 films in over 25 years.

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