This Is Salman Rushdie’s Message To All Who Say Islamic Terrorists Have No Link With Islam

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8:02 pm 26 May, 2016

Salman Rushdie is known to be highly critical of the fundamentalism in Islam. But you know that already. This time, in a very short video, the acclaimed author takes on the liberals who jump to the defence of radical Islamists and identifies the real killer of Muslims.

1. Shattering the mythical claim of the liberals.


Salman Rushdie (8)


2. The link between radical Islam and moderate Islam.


Salman Rushdie (9)


3. Debunking the apologists’ claim that “terrorists are not doing this in name of Islam”.


Salman Rushdie (7)


4. Identifying the real problem.


Salman Rushdie (13)


5. How left-wing is the new right-wing.


Salman Rushdie (1)


6. This is what many right-thinking rationalists argue.


Salman Rushdie (2)


7. Even if the minority demands rights that are regressive in nature, calling it legitimate is wrong.


Salman Rushdie (3)


8. Free speech is non-existent in all Islamic countries but liberals are blind to this fact.


Salman Rushdie (4)


9. Remember Charlie Hebdo?


Salman Rushdie (5)


10. What Islamic terrorism has become.


Salman Rushdie (10)


11. The real cause of Muslim deaths across the world.


Salman Rushdie (11)


12. Who else is killing the Muslims?


Salman Rushdie (12)


13. And why are people criticising Islam?


Salman Rushdie (6)


Watch this five-minute video and hear more of what Rushdie has to say:



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