Salman Khan Says He Wants To Break A Chair On And Also Kill Ranveer Singh

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11:57 pm 15 Jul, 2016

Even if you don’t care about Salman Khan and Hindi cinema, chances are you haven’t escaped the barrage of information flowing in about the blockbuster of the year (so far) ‘Sultan’. Salman has been enjoying the attention his movie is getting as it has taken some heat off him. Apparently, Salman doesn’t like the idea of anyone stealing his thunder.

Recently, Ranveer Singh made the news when he danced to ‘Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ in a theater in Paris, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.


When the song started playing, Ranveer couldn’t stop himself from jumping onto the stage and shaking a leg to the number. While on stage, Ranveer’s thumkas and jhatkas drove the crowd wild. The result was that though both the crowd and Ranveer Singh seemed to have fun, it took away attention from the movie at hand.

When asked about his reaction to Ranveer Singh dancing in the theater, Salman Khan jokingly (hopefully) said:

“I want to kill him. Actually, I want to break a chair on him. He went there to watch the film or dance? I am telling you he was making everyone watch him!”


At least one thing’s for sure: Salman will never learn how to talk to people without sounding like a complete nutjob.


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