Salman Khan Receives A Petition For Becoming Indian Ambassador At Rio From “Aishwarya Rai”

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4:42 pm 26 Apr, 2016

Even while Bollywood fans are going crazy over the news of Salman Khan being made the Indian ambassador for the Olympics in Rio, a lot of Indians are not happy at it. One among them is Aishwarya Rai.

Err…before you get bothered about it, it’s not THE Aishwarya Rai Bachchan we are referring to here.

A certain Aishwarya Rai has filed a petition against Salman Khan on Titled ‘Ban Salman Khan from being Good Will Ambassador 2016 Rio Olympics’, the petition claims this move to be regressive.

Citing various examples, Aishwarya has accused Salman of being an “abuser”, “animal hunter”, murderer and a “terrorist-supporter”.

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Recounting his mishap with regard to the Yakub Menon Tweet, the blackbuck case or Aishwarya’s alleged abuse case, Salman has been bashed up for taking up ambassadorship of representing India on a global platform.

While it’s been only two days since the petition started, it’s catching eyeballs for reasons other than the cause. It’s pretty interesting to see the coincidence of the petitioner’s name being Aishwarya Rai – making for quite a clickbait headline!

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Read the petition here.


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