Salman Khan Responds To Aamir’s Statement That He Is The Bigger Star

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2:40 pm 16 Jul, 2016

Last week, Aamir Khan said that Salman and Shah Rukh were bigger stars than him. A couple days later, Shah Rukh said Salman and Aamir were bigger stars than him. It was a classic case of mutual masturbation that anyone with a brain would see right through! I did! See for yourself! 

Shah Rukh even went so far as to say that if asked the same question, Salman would have a similarly modest response because the three Khans they respect each other! Ennhh! He was SO wrong!

sallu shameless

Salman’s verbal diarrhea continues, and this is what he had to say about Aamir’s statement,

Aamir doesn’t lie. Whatever he says, he is right.

Some unsuspecting journalist perhaps made a colossal error in judgement and asked him how he felt about becoming the number one superstar in the country. Salman’s response makes him sound part-cocky/part-batshit crazy, to me! He said,

Become? Become? I am number one in my mother’s eyes.

Well, I’m betting that serial killers and mafia dons are also number one in their mothers’ eyes!

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