11 Things That Salman Khan Taught Us About Love, Life And Cinema

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1:35 pm 27 Dec, 2015

The beautiful calamity of being a Salman Khan fan is that you can’t bypass writing about him on his 50th birthday. My nervous pen struggles about what to write, as every cell of Salman is in the public eye and whatever he does or doesn’t do becomes breaking news.

His briskly style of walking, instinctive acting and larger-than-life movies are known to all. But sometimes his reel image hides the real him. The practicality of his thoughts, his struggle with himself and fame shows that he is just normal guy who manifested greatness.

Just for today, forget his Chulbul‘ movies and try to understand him as a person:


1. Care for someone till the time it is needed.



2. To achieve something, you need hunger. 2


3. Don’t let arrogance influence your mind.



4. If something is not happening according to your will, then it is good for you.



5. Be effortless.



6. In other words, don’t trouble your mother.



7. Reel love is different from real love.



8. Don’t do anything that doesn’t interest you.



9. Be human first and then follow any religion.



10. Don’t try to be ‘Salman’ to impress a woman.



11. With experience (with women), comes maturity.


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