Sacked BCCI Secretary Tried To Get The England Team To Call Off Their Tour After Being Removed

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9:35 am 12 Jan, 2017

In a shocking revelation made by online news portal DNA, it has been found that sacked BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke tried to convince English cricketing board ECB, to call off their India tour, and thus tried derail Lodha Panel’s recommendation.


Sacked BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke. ToI

In a trail of emails between BCCI and ECB president Giles Clarke claims that Shirke had tried to convince him to call off their tour as BCCI couldn’t guarantee England team’s security in India due to funds crunch.

DNA, who claims to have a copy of these emails said that after this conversation took place after the Supreme Court had sacked Shirke and other senior BCCI officials from their post.

“I have received calls from Mr Shirke who I understand is no longer the Honorary Secretary of BCCI. Can you please confirm to me that the England team will continue to be looked after by the BCCI in the usual fashion, with proper security, player daily allowance payments, hotel bills covered and the like, with transport organised at all times.” – ECB to BCCI

The email was initiated from ECB side where Giles asked BCCI chief executive officer Rahul Johri to clarify their situation following SC orders.

He had further stated that Shirke had called him personally to call off the tour,

“Obviously, it is entirely a matter for BCCI where matches are played, but please advise soonest that the schedule will be adhered to, or any changes.” ECB to BCCI

The email had also expressed ECB’s concern about the security of its team.

“His (Shirke) concern was the BCCI and relevant association having funds and expertise to manage security and safety of our players, and transport, allowances, all usual issues for a tour.”

In response, Johri had given him the factual detail of the situation that the board is facing,

“As you must have followed, the Supreme Court has delivered their verdict early this week, and we are expected to work with the court-appointed administrators, who will be appointed by the 19th of this month and till such time, we are making every effort to ensure that the matches live up to the expectations of all our stakeholders, including ECB. We have been in touch with all the hosting centres and they have expressed confidence that the games will be managed successfully.”

Giles had then sent a brief reply thanking Johri for the assurance but had once again mentioned that Shirke had discussed team’s security with him.


ECB president Giles Clarke. Reuters

It seems with these emails, Shirke can find himself in trouble with the court as DNA claims that the Lodha panel is aware of this conversation and plans to approach the apex court with it on January 19.

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