A Peek Inside Sachin’s Dream House

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10:00 pm 14 Jan, 2016

Everybody has a dream, and a dream house. It’s not for nothing that every bank loan is luring you in the name of your dream house. It will make you feel so much better about your unfulfilled wish when youve heard about Sachin’s dream house — The Shell House.

Dreams do come true.


The ace batman who grew up at Sahitya Niwas in East Bandra, Mumbai, moved 180 degrees west to the suburbs of Mumbai and bought Dorab Villa, which was demolished and re-constructed by Mexican architect Javiar Senosian.

Javiar had a challenging expedition to translate the colonial structure into a mystified, shell house. He transformed Sachin’s imagination to reality.

The design of the house is quirky, friendly, yet ethereal. It’s not one of the usual swanky celebrity villas.

The shell-entrance of the house has two windows and a pointed roof. The pathway has apple-shaped low stairs alongside a lush lawn.

The sides of the same entrance are adorned with a beautiful cluster of colorful glass pieces giving an illusion of a spider’s web. These glasses give ambient lightning to the insides due to their placement.


The interior of the house is splendid in its own quirky way. It has in-built customized furniture with a blend of colorful lights and glass pieces reflecting the ambient mood and theme of the house.


The architect has adapted indoor gardening through ornamental plants, creating enough room for a raw, wild feeling.


There’s a free-flow connectivity to all rooms reflecting Sachin’s simplicity and subtlety in creating a no-nonsense den. The bedrooms are elegant and not at all over-the-top. Extremely spacious, they remain clutter-free by no excessive decor. The rooms are all circular and are done in shades of cream.


The bathroom and kitchen of Dorab Villa reflect the central theme — with circular windows to allow in light and fresh air. Adorned with white crystals, the delicate, shell-theme of the house is enhanced.


The lounge is done in white, with comfortable couches placed around the tree-like figure.

Imagine, Team India chilling around the TV? Ah! Blissful sight!


So don’t give up yet, if you too spent your childhood dreaming of a tree-house, or a Teletubbies dome, because you never know, dreams do come true!


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