Sachin Tendulkar To Lead Kerala Government’s War Against Drugs And Alcohol Abuse

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11:50 am 3 Jun, 2016

Sachin Tendulkar has agreed to join hands with CPI-M-led LDF government in Kerala and agreed to let them use his name to promote awareness programmes against liquor and drug abuse.


Sachin, who was in Kerala to announce new partners for his football team Kerala Blasters, met Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to hold talks about the issue.


Besides spreading awareness about drugs and alcohol abuse, Sachin also agreed to set up a residential football academy in the state so as to groom upcoming footballers at international standards.

According to reports, Kerala has seen a rise in drug abuse cases since the state government closed down bars in April 2015.


Representational Image Indian Express

Representational Image. Indian Express

In 2014, a study conducted on a select group of children by AIIMS and National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC) revealed that 74% of them were addicted to tobacco.



Representational Image. Reuters

The had also showed that Kerala surpassed hard-drinking states like Punjab and Haryana and had the highest per capita liquor consumption with consumption of over 8 liters of liquor per person a year.

That meant that one in every 10 men in Kerala was a heavy alcoholic which amounts to 5 percent of the state’s population being addicted to liquor.


Representational Image New Indian Express

Representational Image. New Indian Express

Thus, looking at the state’s dismal record, the Kerala CM felt that Tendulkar, who is known to have never promoted any alcohol or tobacco product, would be perfect for the awareness campaign.

When he was asked what would be Sachin’s role in all this, he said that the modalities would be decided in due course of time.

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