Struggling Deaf And Mute School Gets New Year Surprise; Rs 50 Lakh From Sachin Tendulkar

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6:00 pm 4 Jan, 2016

In what seems like a New Year’s gift, India’s cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar has given the deaf and mute children of Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district, a surprise that they will never forget.

In desperate need for funds for many important things like erecting new buildings and scholarships for students, the school administration in the Sangamner taluka of Ahmednagar, has been struggling to make ends meet.


Varanasi Classified

Varanasi Classified – Representational Image

Despite many requests and meetings with the government officials, the funds were not forthcoming.

The school authorities had given up the hope but the new year brought with it some good news.

On January 1, the school administration woke up to find that Rs 50 lakh had been deposited in their account by an anonymous source. And they suddenly had a new lease of life.


Flickr - Elyse Patten

Flickr – Elyse Patten – Representational Image

With the excitement of being able to keep the school running, they set out to look for their anonymous benefactor and after two days found out that the money had come from none other than the ‘God of cricket’ himself, Sachin Tendulkar.

Though they tried their best to meet Sachin and express their gratitude, they have not been able to meet him yet.

It was learnt that Tendulkar had come to know about the school’s plight through Devendra Vohra, who is a doctor and hails from the village where the school is located.


Vohra had met Tendulkar few days back for an informal meeting, and had told the cricketing legend about the school and its current situation.

On learning about their plight, Sachin had immediately decided to do help the school out and deposited the money into their account.



PTI – Sachin with under-privileged kids during an event

However, this is not the first time that Sachin has gone out of his way to help people out.

When it comes to utilizing his government allotted fund for the development of his area, Tendulkar has never shied away from his responsibility and has used his funds judiciously.


The Week

The Week  – Sachin at Puttamraju Kandrika, the village he adopted.

Besides generously working towards developing his adopted village in Andhra Pradesh, recent findings show that Tendulkar, in terms of utilising funds under the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS), is one of the best performing MPs.

The Master Blaster, has not only used 98 per cent of his MPLADS funds, but has distributed it in many areas; like allocating some amount of money to flood relief in Jammu and Kashmir and Tamil Nadu and in rebuilding a school and bridge in Chamoli and has even donated towards the development of Uttarakhand after 2013’s flash floods.

Besides sending money to Ahmednagar school, Tendulkar has also invested substantially to build toilets in Mumbai’s Goregaon and to develop school infrastructure in remote parts of Maharashtra and West Bengal.


The biggest trademark of his funding is his adopted village Puttamraju Kandriga, which is in Andhra Pradesh. Over the past few years the village has transformed and the roads, water, electricity and sanitation situation in the village has improved vastly.


Kamalakar Anthati

Kamalakar Anthati – Work in progress at Sachin’s adopted village Puttamraju Kandriga

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