Becoming Sabyasachi’s Muse, This Time Anushka Sharma Drops The Gold Bomb

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3:22 pm 3 Oct, 2016

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is not just another fashion designer from the Indian fashion circuit. He has not just revived the withering trend of bindis, naths and sarees but also merged them with contemporary fashion. When a Bollywood actress becomes his muse, she becomes a fine epitome of ethereal graciousness.

Could we stop admiring their vivacity when their pictures plastered our morning magazines and feeds?


The latest to have got embroiled in Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s spell-bound creations is Anushka Sharma. ”Fun bubbly punjabi girl”, Anushka has always been seen as cool and chic.  But finally, Sabya has successfully dug out her dazzled aura we have just been unaware of. As Elle Magazine describes her, ”Anushka Sharma is a woman now.”

Watch these pictures with awe as Anushka shines like never before. Never mind if you indulge in some wishful thinking of being Sabya’s muse someday!














Anushka, we’d love to see more of you like this. Thanks, Sabya!

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