‘The Refugee Crisis Is A Well-Planned Move To Destabilise One European Country’

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4:43 pm 14 Dec, 2015

A couple of days ago, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was seen warmly welcoming Syrian refugees to his country. Today, a video of a Canadian choir singing an Arabic song to make the refugees feel more at home is going viral.

But what Nikolai Starikov pointed out CANNOT BE OVERLOOKED.

Starikov is a renowned Russian writer and opinion journalist. He has written many books and journals discussing the Russian political atmosphere and the threats to the country.

In a one-on-one interview with Russia Insider in October this year, Starikov took on the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. He alleges that there is a meticulously planned political conspiracy at work to weaken Europe.

He begins by saying that there have been migrations in the past too. He reminds that all of them have been political asylum seekers, not economic asylum seekers.


“(When seeking asylum) you have to prove that you are facing danger. There is procedure. There is none here (in the European refugee crisis).”

He points out that the refugees are marching in thousands from one place to another as if there is nothing called international border.


A batch of refugees marching through Austria. Laszlo Balogh/Reuters

A batch of refugees marching through Austria. Laszlo Balogh/Reuters

“The result is that you can jump on some sea transport from Africa to Europe….no one asks documents…or whether you’re a political asylum seeker or not.”

Refugees have been seen taking selfies upon their landing on European shores. Keeping cellphones are not unusual, but the actions of the refugees such as refusing food and clothing have been criticised.


Refugees in Europe

Left: A refugee taking a selfie with a selfie stick on the shores of Lesbos, Greece. Right: A group of refugee boys posing for a selfie somewhere in Balkans. Time

“Then you (migrants) do as you like…you can make demands, start a fight, and smash things up…Previously a person would arrive and say, ‘I request asylum,’ now you DEMAND.”

This is what the refugees did at the Hungarian train station to the food and water that was offered to them. They did not even let their children accept the food. (You can watch this video.)


“What does this mean? Someone from above is forcing EU’s hand,” he says and points in the direction of the US.

“A plan for distribution of refugees in Europe allots zero number of refugees to UK. Why?”




He points to the fact that not one Gulf country has opened its doors to the refugees despite cultural and religious similarities, “which means it is an organised process (to destabilise Europe)”.

“There is a huge number of men of military age with cellphones and ATM cards…withdrawing money as if it is their daily allowance.”

Concerns have been raised around this. Many are disguising themselves as Syrian migrants to gain entry in Europe. There have been reports of some 4,000 Islamic State fighters posing as refugees to gain entry.


Image used for representational purpose only. Reuters

Image used for representational purpose only. Reuters

When asked what is being achieved by weakening Europe, Starikov recounts the days in the aftermath of World War II when US and UK made attempts to keep allies weak, “like they tried to do with Soviet Union”.

The US is trying to weaken Germany, the strongest European country. “All refugees are heading for Germany,” he points out.


Refugee route

The route refugees are taking to reach various cities in Germany.


August 2015


To support his argument, Starikov says that the Gazprom gas pipe link to Germany via Baltic Sea will help Germany become more independent of the West in gas-related matters, something the US or UK cannot afford.

It is to be noted that the European refugee crisis reached a peak around the same time the Gazprom agreement was reached between Germany and Russia i.e: in the month of June.

You can watch the entire video, where he also discusses how the West took advantage of the Aylan Kurdi drowning incident.



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