Someone Filed A RTI To Ask If Government Is Prepared For A Zombie Attack. We Are Not Joking!

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9:02 pm 20 Sep, 2016

Since the inception of RTI act, people have been raising peculiar questions and queries just because they CAN. From wanting to know the number of fans and tube-lights fitted in residential quarters to seeking information about PM’s undergarments, all such idiotic questions humiliate the morality of this act.

This time, a guy named Ajay Kumar has raised the level of lunacy because of his over the top thinking. He cares for India so much that he actually wants to know whether our government is well-prepared to counter a zombie or alien attack.

This is how he filed the request:


He wrote:

“I am concerned about the readiness of our Government in the event of an invasion by Aliens Zombies and Extra Dimensional Beings

Can the Ministry of Home Affairs tell me

What plans are in place for protecting the public in the event of an invasion by Aliens or Zombies and Extra Dimensional Beings.

What are our chances against them

What means does the Government have at its disposal to defeat them

Can we do it without Will Smith”


Will the Modi  government form a “Zombie Management” sector now with Will Smith as its CEO?

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