This RSS Man Has Changed The lives Of Muslims In Hafua Village Of Jharkhand

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1:14 pm 10 Jan, 2016

Siddhi Nath Singh, regional head for Bihar and Jharkhand and the chairperson of RSS’ social development wing, is setting a perfect example of communal harmony in the light of intolerance debate.

His contributions towards the progress of Jharkhand’s Muslim dominated village, Hafua, is praised by locals and his  efforts to bring once crime-inclined youth into the mainstream is far greater than those of several Muslim leaders.

It is because of his services over the past two decades that makes the local youth respect him.

To help the youth earn their livelihood, he is giving free skill training to  the youth of hundreds of villages across the country at his firm Kalpataru.

He was an engineer but then switched to become an entrepreneur. The thing which makes him different from others is the devotion and dedication with which he remains involved in changing the lives of every youth in Hafua.

Hafua, around 70 km north of capital Ranchi, was notorious for its high crime rate. Some 20 years back, a mere mention of Hafua used to alert the police and intelligence agencies.

Majority of those involved in bank robberies and snatching incidents in Ramgarh and Ranchi were traced to this village. Children did not go to school and despite owning large tracts of land, elders never worked in the fields.

Men of the village picked up fights with anyone over ‘trifles’ and showed their supremacy in the region.

Singh, while researching on storage of rain in the village came across a few parents who were worried about the future of their young children.

He said when he met the youth, he saw their calibre of doing things. They had everything, barring education and proper guidance. He then invited them to his engineering firm and trained them.

Soon they learned repairing heavy machines with ease and with less time.

Singh, for the past 15 years, has provided skill training to around 150 men, who are now working across India and in the Gulf, earning handsome salaries and in turn helping their families.

Now the change in the village is visible as the village children are going to school and the standard of living of villagers have also improved to a large extent.


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Janisar Ansari, a class 10 student at Saraswati Vidya Mandir, said that Singh is like a God for them. He said that he is meeting all his expenses.

Ansari wants to crack IIT and become the first engineer from his village.

Lal Mohammad Ansari, a landlord and whose five sons have been Singh’s students, said that he stands as a symbol of religious harmony and tolerance at a time when some feel that the country has grown intolerant.

Afzal Ali, 38, trained as a welder with Singh’s firm and is now working with Adani Group is Gujarat earning a salary of Rs. 15,000 per month. Taslim Ansari, trained as a fitter, works with Hindalco in Renukoot.

Appreciating the boys of the village, Singh said that these boys of village are gifted. “Give them a problem and they will solve it. I only routed their energy in  the right direction.”

Volunteers of the militant Hindu group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) perform Surya Namaskar or sun salutation during the concluding ceremony of its three day long karyakarta shibir, or workers’ conclave on the outskirts of Ahmadabad, India, Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015. The RSS, parent organization of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, combines religious education with self-defense exercises. The organization has long been accused of stoking religious hatred against Muslims. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

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And in return they have nothing else, but, praise for Singh.

Zubair Ahmad said that Hafua residents do not have any criminal case for the last 10 years. They have learned to earn a living with dignity and with pride.

Ahmad  has been working with RSS leader’s firm for the last 12 years.

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