Did Media Ignore The Moment When Rohith’s Mother Was Dragged On Streets?

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4:37 pm 27 Feb, 2016

According to India Resists report, on February 25, Rohith’s mother Radhika was dragged on the Delhi streets and was later detained by the Delhi Police.

She was at the India Gate along with Rohith’s brother and other protesters for a candle light vigil to demand justice for the late Dalit scholar. They also wanted to raise concerns about discrimination faced by Dalit students.

However, the vigil was short-lived as the police didn’t allow it.

“They were not granted permission for the same because Parliament is in session,” said sources.


But, Indian Express report suggests that no harm was caused to Rohith’s mother as members of the joint action committee formed a human chain around her. This was done to ensure her safety.

The vigil later turned into a protest outside Tilak Marg police station with protesters raising slogans to demand justice for Rohith. Many students were detained but, they were released later.


The intended candlelight vigil turned into a protest IndianExpress

The intended candlelight vigil turned into a protest

Rohith’s brother Raja Vemula said that they were offended by ‘lies’ told by Human Resource Deaprtment (HRD) minister Smriti Irani.

He said, “A candle march is no offence. What is an offence are the lies that Smriti Irani has told in Parliament about there being a Dalit member on the panel that suspended us. We will not bow down to casteist forces.”

He added that his brother’s death has woken many people up and they will continue their fight even if the state wants to keep detaining them for peaceful protests.


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