9 Rohit Shetty Views On Stunt Direction And They’re Heart-warming

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9:30 pm 14 Dec, 2015

With ‘Dilwale’ promotions going steady, some people have criticized Rohit Shetty for his regular car stunts and immature storyline. The larger-than-life action scenes are believed to be some cunning trick of animation software. But, action is an art too. It is solely connected with emotions. We’re so absorbed in those fancy cars and speedy stunts, that we often forget that there is a guy sitting inside that car, entertaining us despite danger to his life.

Here are a few of Rohit’s buried confessions that will change the way you see stunt direction:


1. With every movie, he wants his stunts to get better.

The stunt  maestro started his stunt-ology in ‘Golmaal’ and we observed something exceptional. He played with cars like a 5-year-old plays with his toys. Since then, he has never looked back.


2.  Safety is always his first priority.

He created his own stunt team of around 100 men and feels responsible for each of their lives. Every person who works for him connects with him both emotionally and professionally. An ambulance and a fire truck are always present at the stunt site to prevent any serious injury. Every car he uses is technically modified and equipped to suit the driver’s comfort.

3. He still prays before every stunt.

He plans and prepares before each stunt. But there is always a probability of 0.1% that things might go wrong. And just for that 0.1%, he prays. He believes that no action scene will ever succeed without the Almighty’s hand.


4. For a stunt man, getting injured is part of life.

Our eyes are always stuck to the hero who fearlessly hits other people with tubelights but what about the guy who suffers every beating so that hero can look more heroic? We fail to notice and respect his daring acts.

So, who is the real hero? Think again!


5. For Rohit, it’s not about praise, it’s all about respect.

The life of a stuntman is full of hardships but he remains unnoticed. We often fail to understand the passion behind it. No one becomes a stunt artist because he loves getting beaten up; it’s all about getting out of the comfort zone and challenging life at every step.

6. Every stunt requires a vision.

You saw the stunt and said, “Wow!” After a few minutes, you forgot about it.  Did you ever question how the stunt was created?


7. Imagine yourself driving at 100 km/hr and, suddenly, something runs in front of your car. That moment of fear is what a stunt guy experiences everyday.

Hard to imagine?

8. Rohit Shetty’s stunt team considers him God.

In the early 20s, films were enveloped by Karan Johar’s and Aditya Chopra’s love sagas; stunt artists found it hard to make a living. As Rohit started producing his own films, stuntmen received both recognition and employment.

9. In between action and reaction, lies the hope of a stunt guy to prove his caliber.

A stunt artist gets just a few seconds to show his talent. If he fails, then the complete scene is re-shot and he again puts his life in danger.


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