Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Just Called Obama Something Even Putin Would Not Utter

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8:19 pm 5 Sep, 2016

He is Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and he just called US President Barack Obama the “son of a bitch”.

Yes, despite being the head of a country currently engaged in a very bitter duel with China over sovereignty of the South China Sea, Duterte has reportedly used such highly offensive words against the world’s most powerful leader.

Duterte’s acerbic outburst follows his government’s inability to answer to the human rights questions raised in way of handling the war against drugs.

The drug war in his country has taken the lives of 2,400 people at the hands of police and suspected hit squads (vigilante groups).

The words he uttered for Obama came when a reporter asked him how he’d explain his government’s actions to the US President at ASEAN summit being held at Laos. He is scheduled to meet Obama on Tuesday.

“Who is he to confront me? As a matter of fact, America has one too many to answer for,” Duterte said.

“You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a bitch, I will curse you in that forum,” Duterte responded adding, “We will be wallowing in the mud like pigs if you do that to me.”




And Obama responded to Duterte remarks calling him “a colourful guy”. At the same time he cast aspersions on the possibility of a meeting with his Philippine counterpart.

“I always want to make sure if I’m having a meeting that it’s actually productive and we’re getting something done,” he told reporters.

“The issue of how we approach fighting crime and drug trafficking is a serious one for all of us. We’ve got to do it the right way,” Obama had said earlier commenting on the Philippine drug war.

Duterte says that the bloodbath would continue disregarding concerns of even the UN.

“More people will be killed, plenty will be killed until the last pusher is out of the streets. Until the (last) drug manufacturer is killed, we will continue and I will continue,” he said.



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