Tata Motors To Soon Launch India’s First Indigenous Robot ‘Brabo’

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4:49 pm 18 Feb, 2016

TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, a 100 percent subsidiary of Tata Motors, has announced that their robotic venture Tata Brabo, is almost ready and would be launched within the next two months.

Back in May 2014, TAL’s chief operating officer Anil Bhingurde had made a presentation of the robot to his company’s board and chairman Ravi Kant.



BCCL TAL COO Anil Bhingurde (L) with Tata Barbo robot

The robot at that time had even welcomed Ravi Kant with a garland and was the prototype of India’s first indigenous industrial-articulated robot.

Today that robot has been transformed into Tata Brabo and has the potential to take India’s robotic technology to the next level.

In 2014, when Bhingurde had given his presentation, he had said that they had the capacity to produce few hundred units of these robots per year.


The Robot was showcased for the first time at the ‘Make in India’ week in Mumbai. It was revealed that Robot Brabo has been developed in-house by a team of six engineers including Bhingurde, who is leading them.


Rush Lane

Rush Lane TATA Barbo being showcased at ‘Make in India’ week 

The average age of these engineers who have developed the robot is just 24 years and its development cost is Rs 10 crore.

Bhingurde said:

“These are made in India, made for India. The idea is to drive automation in the market by offering affordable and cost-effective solution.”

The design for Barbo has also been done in-house at TAL and its styling has been done at Tata Elxi. Some of the parts of the robot are also being manufactured at Tata AutoComp.

The project is financed by Tata Capital.

Though this is a huge step for India, TAL Manufacturing doesn’t intend to compete with any global biggies like Fanuc, ABB and Kuka and is only planning to target the micro, small and medium enterprises in India.



AMS Representational Image

They are looking to provide an affordable robotic solution which is starting at Rs 3 lakh (for 2 kg) to Rs 6 lakh (for a 10 kg payload).

At present there are over 5,000 products which are being manufactured by India’s small enterprises and they vary from traditional business to high-tech products.

These small enterprises may need such robots and TAL Manufacturing has made Barbo keeping them in mind.


zdnet Representational Image

According to International Federation of Robotics,  there’s a market of approximately 1,000 big robots in India annually and from next year, that demand will rise to 5,000 robots, globally.

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