River Ganga Flows Above Danger Mark In Ghazipur; Residents Flee As Houses Go Under Water

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5:10 pm 19 Aug, 2016

The River Ganga in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh is flowing above the danger level of 63.11 meters.

Central Water Resources Commission and NDMA said that the water level is however below the 1978 record mark of 65.22 meters. But that is little consolation to people living in the district.


As the water level continues to rise because of heavy rains, hectares of agricultural land have become inundated, the roads are submerged and water has entered many houses in the low lying areas of the district forcing the people to vacate them for safer areas.


The stairs that lead to some of the famous riverbanks in Ghazipur city are under water. People residing in houses close to the Ganga are cautiously watching the rising water level, which according to observers is rising at the rate of 2 cm/hour.




In Jangipur area of the district, Ganga tributary Beso is flowing over an important bridge that connects an inundated area to a safer area.

Since it is the only link to reach safe ground, people are being forced to take it at the risk of their lives.


The district administration has issued a warning and said that it is prepared for the flood situation. Jamnia, Saidpur, Mohammadbad and Sadar tehsils have been badly affected by the floods.

Water level rise in the Ganga has also contributed to the overflowing of tributaries further worsening the situation.


River Ganga flows in spate behind the Shiv Mandir in Bada Mahadev Colony.  Suno

River Ganga flows in spate behind the Shiv Mandir in Bada Mahadev Colony. Suno

But local residents said that flooding is common during the monsoons. The real problem is no preventive steps have been taken to mitigate losses or check flooding every year.

Rains have wreaked havoc in many parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. The situation is grim in riverine districts of Bahraich, where the Ghagra river breached an embankment, in Allahabad and Varanasi, too. People in these areas too are escaping to safer areas.

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