Rio’s Opening Ceremony Is Through, And Everyone’s Got Something To Say

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9:57 pm 6 Aug, 2016

The Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony happened earlier today (IST) at Rio’s Maracana Stadium. And like with everything these days, everyone with a Twitter handle had something to say about it.


Here’s a choice selection of some of Twitter’s buzz about #OpeningCeremony. And it’s everything from patriotic to funny to philosophical.

There were those that were mighty pleased!


And those that find that every situation is a learning opportunity.


What is an international event without the critics!


POTUS decided to stick with stating the obvious!


NBC seems to have annoyed a LOT of people with the sheer volume of adverts it aired.


Shekhar Kapur, like so many others, got senti and philosophical.


All in all, it was an emotional affair and people’s emotions, like always, spanned an entire spectrum. The majority, however, seemed disappointed in NBC’s coverage. Ah well! Such is life. And such the world of broadcasting.

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