Marjorie Enya Proposes To Her Girlfriend, Isadora Cerullo, At The Rugby Finals In Rio

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3:12 pm 10 Aug, 2016

The Rio Olympics are looking to go down in history as a landmark event in LGBT history. Already making news for the 40-something “out and proud” participants, Rio witnessed history in the making at the Rugby finals.


Volunteer, Marjorie Enya, surprised her girlfriend, Isadora Cerullo — a member of the Brazilian squad — with an impromptu, and totally heart-warming, proposal right after the rugby finals yesterday.


Cerullo burst into tears when she realized what was happening. And while Cerullo’s squad may not have gotten the nod for the knockout rounds, Marjorie got a resounding “Yes” in response to her proposal.




So, in an arena filled with adrenaline and passion, wins and losses, supporters and haters, Marjorie and Isadora proclaimed their love for each other. LOUD and PROUD! Way to go, chicas!


Here’s wishing them a lifetime of love, laughter, and togetherness!

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