A Chinese Man Rides A Horse To Office To Avoid Traffic Jam. Should Indians Try This?

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3:35 pm 13 Jul, 2015

Are you tired of daily traffic jams? They have sort of become your best buddy. Wherever you go, you’ll find them. Don’t be surprised if we tell you that our dear neighbours, the Chinese, encounter a similar experience. So, to solve his own problem (and yours, too), a Chinese man invented a new method to avoid traffic jams, reports China.org.cn.

What is that secret method that can get you in office on time and save you from your boss’ threatening eyes? It is the horse. Ride on the four-legged beast to the office. That happened! No, we are not kidding!

After being tired of ‘trying to beat traffic jam’ (well, it’s a race daily), this man gave up driving because the road to his office saw traffic jams during rush hour and he was late almost every day. So, he decided to ride a horse on his way to work in Wuhan city, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province.

Now, just imagine, what happens if we try this method in India?


Here, comes our man on the horse.



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