Did You Know Rice Can Be Made Of Paper?

7:22 pm 10 Sep, 2015

Recently, a woman in China, who was having a lunch with her family, complained about ‘an unusually hard piece of rice’, reports Hong Kong Free Press

Later, she found that it was a fake rice!

The rice was made up of tiny paper rolls.  The tiny paper rolls were shaped to look like rice grains with pointed ends.

The woman, surname Cai, said:

“My family and I were having a meal. The rice we ate felt no different than usual, until half way through the meal I chewed onto an unusually hard piece of rice.”

Cai said she took the piece of rice out of her mouth, studied it and was shocked to find that it unrolled into a strip of paper.



Later, she reported about the ‘fake rice’ to the local police.

Interestingly,  the woman and her family had been buying rice from the same hawker since the beginning of this year.

The hawker said that rice was grown in the countryside in a very environment-friendly way  and without any pesticides.

However, the seller is unlikely to get caught as street hawkers are very mobile and Cai did not get a receipt while buying the rice.


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