Air India Rewards Employee With Out-Of-Turn Promotion For His ‘Honesty’

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4:03 pm 16 Aug, 2016

India’s national carrier Air India (AI) recently awarded an out-of-turn promotion to an employee for his “honesty”.

The employee, Subhash Chander, works in AI’s security wing and over the years has many times returned valuables, cash, and belongings that have been left by passengers on aircraft.


Subh Yatra

Subhash Chander being rewarded by Air India. Subh Yatra

This is for the first time in its history that Air India has awarded an employee an out-of-turn promotion for “honesty”.


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Chander on June 13, had found a pouch containing Rs 5 lakh in foreign currency while he was checking a flight which had arrived from Hong Kong.

He had immediately alerted concerned authorities and returned the money back to the passenger.


Before that, in August 2003 Chander had found gold ornaments left by a Saudi Arabia-bound passenger, which too was returned after being found by Chander.

Thus looking at his good track record, AI chairman, and managing director, Ashwani Lohani, decided to promote Chander.


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