Setting An Example For All, This Retired Indian Soldier Gifts A Road To His Villagers

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5:17 pm 16 Aug, 2016

Bhagguram Maurya, a resident of Heerampur in Varanasi, gifted his village a one-kilometre road on the Independence Day.

He got the road constructed from his money from pension. The estimated cost of the construction of road was Rs 4,00,000.



Maurya, who has served the Army since 1978, did this to help villagers who face problem while commuting from Babatpur to Rajatalab.

“The villagers used to face a lot of inconvenience in the absence of a connecting road. I decided that I would do something to solve the problem,” he said.

Now, he has requested public representatives to ensure laying of interlocking tiles on the road.

“I am left with no money otherwise I would have purchased interlocking tiles and laid them. I have requested minister of state for public works department Surendra Patel to arrange for interlocking tiles. I hope he will provide help to us,” Maurya said.



The retired soldier received a medal from President Abdul Kalam in 2002 and was honoured again in 2012 by President Pranab Mukherjee.

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