A Restaurant At Raipur Railway Station Is Actually Doing A Lot For Indian Soldiers

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6:14 pm 26 Sep, 2016

To be angry is expected when terrorists kill valiant soldiers. To be sympathetic is expected when the bodies of the martyrs are brought home. No, not everyone can go and fight alongside the soldier in a battle, but there are ways in which one can help the forces.

A restaurateur in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, thought of a novel way to help the soldiers in a very unique manner.

This is what the board outside the Neelkanth restaurant at Raipur railway station reads:


Redditors say that the restaurant actually runs well. Being near the station is good business for a restaurant. But that a restaurant is offering a discount for the men in uniform is something others can take note of.

And read the third point, which offers free food to the parents of the martyrs. That’s touching.

So this salute is for the owner of the restaurant.

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