Delhi High Court Breathes Smoke, Soot And Body Odour: AQM Report

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6:26 pm 23 Jul, 2015

The air-conditioning vents and ducts inside the Delhi High Court are full of soot and other particulate matter and that is spoiling the quality of air inside the building, a report of the court administration has revealed, reports Indian Express.

According to the Air Quality Monitoring Report of a study conducted on June 16, the concentration of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC), which include cigarette smoke, body odour, deodorant and food odours among other things, were far beyond the maximum limit in most areas on the court premises.

The report, which is based on real-time air quality monitoring (AQM) by the Centre for Science and Environment, suggested that “simultaneous action” was needed for “aggressive control” of pollution in the “entire airshed of Delhi.”

The bench of Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva had taken suo motu cognisance of the issue of air pollution in Delhi in April, following media reports on air quality in the city. An intervention application had also sought monitoring of the air quality inside the court premises.

The bench will direct the court administration to conduct a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning vents and the carpets in the courtrooms.


What about city’s polluted air? Will the government, the court and respective authorities take strict measures to reduce pollution in Delhi? Till now, it doesn’t appear so.

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