Frustrated With His Car, Businessman Donates Renault Duster For Garbage Disposal

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4:50 pm 12 Mar, 2015

If this had gone viral, it would have been a blow to the operations of Renault India. But thankfully, only a certain section of the populace would know of this (explaining that would take more words), and they probably don’t drive a Renault nor are planning to get one.

A businessman in Kota, Rajasthan, donated his Renault Duster to do what its name supposedly means – dust.

But he wants the car to dust the garbage off the streets.

Yes, you read that right!

Pissed off with Renault’s pathetic customer service, the businessman donated his car to the panchayat in Morak station village on the condition that they use the car only for garbage disposal.

The businessman, Rajesh Parota, said that the car was giving him trouble with the AC and electric system ever since he bought it.

Even after 200 days in servicing, Renault was unable to resolve the issues.

Renault has something to worry about.

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