15 Inspiring Photographs Of Females Who Chose To Live Spiritual/Religious Lives

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5:54 pm 3 Aug, 2015

Religious asceticism is usually regarded as a male persuasion. Few women opt to live such austere and hard lives. The following photographs capture  various female monks, nuns, witch doctors, etc. from around the world.

1. Female Jain monk, India

2. Female Buddhist monks, Myanmar

3. Sisters of the Birgittine Order, Sweden

4. Female bo (medium), Mongolia

5. Samaneris (novice nuns), Thailand

6. Jain nuns, India

7. Hindu saadhvi, India

8. Orthodox nuns with kittens, Europe

9. Hindu saadhvi, India

10. Female sangoma, South Africa

11. A female bo (shaman), Mongolia

12. Female Buddhist monks, Thailand

13. Mae chi, Cambodia

14. Female ascetics, China

15. Female voodoo priestess, South Africa



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