13 Signs That Show You Are In A Relationship With Aloo

10:00 am 16 May, 2015

There is always someone for whom aloo is the fourth basic necessity of life. They can simply survive just eating aloos the whole day, if possible. If you are one of that kind, here’re 13 signs that show you are in a relationship with aloo. If you are not, you can now easily identify one.

1. Aloo is life!

Your love for aloo just cannot be expressed in simple words.


2. Let’s go to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s and you have a close relationship, as they serve your favourite French fries.


3. Aloo tikki and aloo chaat at every corner.

Aloo tikki and aloo chaat is what you love from the chaat corner, or any corner for that matter.


4. McCain aloo stuffs are the love of your life.

You can simply have aloo stuffs from McCain for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


5. ‘I Love you mom, for the aloo!’

You don’t express your love for your mom usually but you love her a little more the day she makes aloo ki sabji for you.


6. Aloo dish at any five-star family hotel or restaurant.

Wherever you go, your order will compulsorily have one aloo dish for sure, without which your meal is just incomplete.


7. Aloo diet!

Dieting is not your cup of tea. Even if you search for a diet plan it would be an aloo diet – something that allows you to have aloo in it in some way or the other.


8. Aloo ka paratha is God’s own creation!

If you are a Punjabi, this is one of the dishes you just won’t get tired eating. And it will still be one of your favourite dishes if you are non-punjabi, for that matter.


9. It’s party time!

Your childhood party memories consist of eating potato wafers to your heart’s content, and you still love it.


10. Aloos everywhere.

Whenever you go grocery shopping and you see aloo on sale…(do I need to say anymore?)


11. You just can’t resist!

Even if you try to convince yourself that you won’t have aloo anymore, at least for a few days, you just can’t resist and end up having your favourite aloo dish all the more.


12. Weight is just not an issue.

Even if you are gaining weight since you are constantly consuming all types of aloo, you are too loyal to break up your relationship.


13. Aloo is a matter of life and death for you.

Life without aloo is simply incomplete. You are ready to struggle six hours in the gym but you cannot let go of that packet of potato chips.



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