Remember These 10 Things If You Want To Be In A Relationship In 2016

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8:30 pm 31 Dec, 2015

If you consciously stumble on this article, then you are experiencing one of these phases:

1. You are in love with someone but she is not interested in you/loves someone else.

2. You are single, moved on from your last painful break-up and have no feeling for anyone yet.

3. You have feelings for someone and still confused whether it is love or not.

4. You have never really fallen in love or had feelings for anybody. It is humanly not possible. But a rare condition.

So, if you belong to 1st , 2nd  or 3rd category, then that girl has already circling your head right now but if you are the 4th one then you don’t need to visit a psychologist. You just enjoy this article.


 1. Express your feelings. No matter what.

It’s already getting late, bro. If you store those intense feelings in that unknown corner of the heart, then slowly, they will fade away with regrets. You might be afraid of the consequences. Honesty never killed anybody but instead lessened the towering pain unfolding in the heart.


2. Groom yourself. Keep it stylish.

Every girl admires a chiselled body. They say girls never judge anyone by his looks, well, they are partially right. If a guy can be attracted to a girl with nice curves and sensuous lips, then why not girls?  Yes. confidence, sense of humor and personality matters, but they usually come secondary.


3. Let go of someone who doesn’t want to be in relationship with you.

If she keeps repeating, “We are such good friends”, then her mind has stored you in the friendzone permanently, no matter how many flirty and romantic texts you send her, they will finally end up in her ‘Trash’ folder. True story. Acknowledge her as a friend and move on.


4. It’s time you give your emotions a physical breath.

A relationship never starts unless you raise your intimacy level. Every boiling emotion inside you needs a sensual outlet. A pure intimacy, charged with tenderness and feelings,will bring you guys more closer like never before.


5. If there is someone who loves you, then dating her won’t be a bad idea.

She restlessly confessed her true emotions to you but you don’t naturally feel the need to date her. But still, just spending time with her personally and understanding the reason why she likes you so much is not a bad idea. Not for me. At least.

6. Propose her before it’s too late.

No, girls don’t take that childish teasing seriously. Liking her Facebook picture and commenting with love emoticons doesn’t prove that you love her. She is expecting full fledged proposal. Go for it.


7. Girls, please stop dropping the hints.

Girls give hints that boys fail to understand because we are not so consciously analysing your reaction and making a flowchart of your facial expression and blushes. Guys don’t understand this! And girls, be vocal, as much as possible.

8. If you are confused whether you are in love or not, then wait.

I know this confusion can be tiring and maddening at times, but don’t express your emotions unless you are sure about it. It is an infuriating phase but this too shall pass, leaving you with the truth in the end.


9. Kill your ego because it destroys relationship.

If you guys both love each other then don’t let the ego erase your time. Because that day is not far, when a third person will enter and erase your relation. You don’t want to be part of ‘Humari Adhuri Kahaani’ tale. I guess so.

10. Anyways, love will happen when it is meant to.

Love always happens at the destined moment, not before. Enjoy the wait because the pain which is growing impatiently in you will give you strength to lap up at that alarmed moment. Yes, we are untimed puppets in the hands of Almighty.

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