15 Reasons Why You Are Not A Loser Even If You Are Not Ambani Or Shah Rukh Khan

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7:00 pm 22 Jul, 2015

Before we begin, we have to acknowledge both, Late Dhirubhai Ambani and Shah Rukh Khan for working hard to achieve what they did. They are idolized for once being ‘unknown’ then becoming ‘popular & successful’. Having said that, though all crave success but success cannot be defined as ‘I want to be successful like XYZ’. By all means, you are a definition of success yourself. We will make it easier for you to understand this, if you have achieved the following, you are successful in your own way. So feel great of where you are and who you are.

1. You have your future goals aligned.


2. Your family is loving and accepting of you as you are.


3. You have educated yourself enough to outsmart anyone.


4. You are appreciated at work for your qualities.


5. You contribute to the welfare of others, in your own way.


6. You are an alert citizen and lend a helping hand to the ones in need.


7. You think of your family before yourself.


8. You define happiness as loving your near and dear ones.


9. You have an abode you can call your own – big or small.


10. You make money by all the right means.


11. You are an ideator and leader.


12. You have become someone’s idol.


13. You see the potential in yourself and channelize your energies.


14. You are hardworking and leave no stone unturned to achieve your goals.


15. You try, even after failing umpteen number of times.



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