15 Fantastic Reasons To Date A Younger Guy

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10:00 am 3 Jan, 2016

While men have been dating younger woman from the very beginning of time, age has come when we must shed gender bias and start dating men younger than us.

Fringe elements in your social circles will try and poke their nose when you do so, but you’ve got to remember that falling in love with a younger man is proven to make women feel younger, more energetic and optimistic. No kidding.

Such love comes with more perks than you can imagine, and here’s why we think you should at least give this a try:

1. You will have the upper hand in most of the things.

He is younger, less mature and less experienced than you. He’ll respect your authority and also follow your decisions heartily.


2. He will be smitten by you; his love will flow from respect and admiration.

Men date younger women for their looks, but if they’ve decided to date someone older, the love is likely to sprout from respect and admiration for you.


3. A younger guy will make you feel young, more energetic and optimistic about the person you are.

It’s your chance to once again live young with a younger guy. He’ll pamper you with innovative dating ideas. Take you out for crazy trips, to places the more sensible you wouldn’t agree to visit.

Life will once again be more fun.


4. Younger men are livelier, experimental, and with their infectious energy, they will drive you to discover new horizons.

Tired of living a monotonous life? A younger guy, still full of energy, will lead you to new discoveries.


5. You are the center of his universe; he will try hard to make you feel special in his company, always.

He will listen to you and be there for you when you need them.

He will make you feel truly special and loved.


6. He will woo you so that you will sigh dreamily in his absence.

Younger men are under the impression that older women have more experience and knowledge about everything than they have. He will try hard to impress by wooing you in bed and outside both.

So ladies, get ready for awesome dates and amazing make out sessions.


7. Being around someone young will always keep you optimistic about life.

Life will suddenly open up to many new possibilities.


8. His fresh perspective will keep you inspired with fresh ideas and dreams about the future.

Suddenly, your life will become colorful all over again.


9. Younger ones are generally happier and jollier; having them around will keep you happy too!


10. He is ready to change for you and adapt to your lifestyle, rather than ask for the same.

Having an older girlfriend is so thrilling for men; they will be willing to change to toe for you.

Your wish will be his command!


11. He won’t complain too often; he’ll not be the cry baby you think he will be.

The best thing about dating a young guy is that they don’t crib. They hardly care about anything in the world apart from the one thing and that is “YOU”.

He will rather like to have fun and do crazy things with you than being whiny for no good reason.


12. They are baggage (emotional) free.

Someone younger will obviously have lesser experience in relationships. They won’t come with the extra baggage of a broken heart that hasn’t healed.

Young guys are mostly a clean slate, where you start writing your love story.


13. He’ll restore your faith in love.

He’ll be able to evince some more faith in love that you may have lost.


14. You will start rejoicing in simpler things in life.

Going out for a long walk, hand in hand, or driving to nowhere just to be with one another – these small things will once again start giving you pleasure.


15. You can be yourself in front of him and he won’t judge you.

A girl will not take a younger guy, very seriously, especially in the beginning. This will make you free spirited, and you will probably put out your worst side only to test the waters.


If he still sticks around, don’t let him go!


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