13 Reasons Why Knowing More Than One Language Is Good For You

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3:55 pm 3 Sep, 2015

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” – Charlemagne

It has been a thought of by many that learning two or more languages can cause confusion.We have been hearing many criticisms about bilingualism. Here we are with some freshly served psychological facts which actually state the benefits behind learning a second language.


1. “To get one right than bother with two” is a myth.

It is really cool to learn another language. You can flaunt it, always.

2. Bilingualism can delay Alzheimer’s disease in susceptible people by as much as five years.

3. You will not starve when abroad.

Come on! You can order a cup of coffee in Spain or food for yourself in Italy.

4. Bilingualism will make you a multi task-er.

 You can coordinate well; learning a new language makes your brain flexible and adaptive to uncertain circumstances.

5. Dual activation will help improve your mind.

Your mind will be active with both the languages. Hence, it will improve attention and concentration, and will sharpen your mind.

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6. Fluency in more than one language powers up your memory.

Babies bought up in a bilingual environments have stronger working memories than those brought up with single language.

7. Being a polyglot improves your hearing.

No, it will not make you a bionic woman/man. The brain works hard to differentiate the two sounds. This makes the hearing capacity better.

8. It is like a gateway to a new world.

Learning a new language opens up a new world for you. You get introduced to a new culture, themes etc.

9. It helps improve your first language.

As Geoffrey Willans said, “You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” A second language draws your attention to the abstract rules and structure of language; it can make you better at the first language.

10. Polyglots are curious!

A study conducted in Spain says that multilingual people have alert and very keen minds. They are always curious to know stuff and can very easily spot potholes and mistakes.

11. It makes you a good decision-maker.

Decision-making becomes more prudent and discriminating. While handling two languages altogether you research for more accuracy and hence your ability to judge becomes more efficient.


12. It can boost your confidence.

People find polyglots automatically attractive and gravitate towards them due to their mental quickness and knowledge. By mastering in one skill, the other faculties are developed.


13. Results in self discovery and self actualization.

This is something which you just cannot list or expect while learning a new language. But getting into this and the new heritage you will come across, will help you in self discovery.

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