16 Reasons Why Your Man Is Pulling Away From You

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10:00 am 4 Oct, 2015

So, are you experiencing a chapter in your life where your man has started rejecting your calls, snubbing you and frequently cancelling dates? This is because your man is simply pulling away from you. Men start pulling away from relationships due to various reasons and after a breakup a girl simply blames herself for his heartbreak. Here we bring you some reasons that can help you to figure out the intention behind the act


1. When a guy is pulling away from you, he might have met someone he wants to date in the future, or probably is already dating

2. If your relation just started all of a sudden and he is pulling away, he is probably falling in love with you

Men’s generally get confused during their initial stages of love.

3. He may be backing off because you always made him feel like he is not the right match and you aren’t satisfied

4. If there was a huge fight after which he seems to be ignoring you, he likely wants you to realize your mistake

5. Because you kept doggedly ringing him up and always want him to be available at any cost, any time

6. Because he thinks that you are unsure about him and would ditch him in the future

7. If you both keep fighting day in and day out, he may need a break and some space

8. Because he wants some time to identify his goals in life besides you

9. Because you are a dominating woman and he is tired of getting pushed around

10. For the reason that you didn’t know him too well and yet you had sex with him

11. You always want sympathy and attention from the rest of the world

12. Because all he is able to experience when you are with him is stress

13. Because you always do things which he loathes

14. He probably never wanted to give this relation a start

15. Because you were never loyal to him and were always hesitant while saying ‘I love you’

16. Because he understood he was just taking a backseat in your life


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