15 Reasons Why Indian Girls Love To Attend Weddings

10:00 am 12 Oct, 2015

Nothing can be more ‘grand’ than a big fat Indian wedding. Everything, I mean everything, is pure awesome. Indian weddings are a complete package. As a guest, you will love Indian weddings, trust me. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why girls love to attend weddings.

1. Food

No one can resist the tasty, hot, spicy and mind-boggling varieties of food that Indian weddings have to offer. Not even ‘dieting’ girls.

2. Dressing up

There is no girl, I repeat, no girl who doesn’t like getting dressed. What better occasion than a wedding? From mehendi, sangeet to marriage and then the grand reception. What more can you ask for?

3. Shopping

Every girl is born with a soft corner for shopping. And weddings come with a lifetime guarantee for shopping.

4. Looking beautiful

Who doesn’t like looking beautiful? Every girl looks at her very best in an Indian wedding attire.

5. Creating selfies.. oops! memories

Girls love selfies. And what better setting than perfect makeup, beautiful dress and the perfect lighting for the perfect selfie!

6. 150+ likes on Facebook

Every girl loves getting likes on her Facebook DP’s. Perfect formula = pretty dress + perfect moment + the perfect click!

7. Stalking guys

Every wedding has dashing men! Dapper suit and handsome guys! And girls love stalking them. You never know!

8. Getting photographed

Enough said! God bless the photographer!

9. Get updated on latest fashion.

As obviously you will check out the girls as well!

10. Sangeet, mehendi, roka…All this reminds them of their future marriage. Definite reasons to attend a wedding.

11. Dance like nobody is watching. After all we have to show the dulhe wala ke side ko!

12. They want to participate in all the rasams. It is mandatory for all the girls in their mind. They feel good about it.

13. Acknowledgment of dancing, singing and event management skills in front of the whole family.

14. Get a lot of cash.

15. And we simply love family reunions!


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