11 Reasons Why Taking A Gap Year Totally Makes Sense

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8:00 pm 25 Aug, 2015

In India, we do not really look up-to gap years or drop years. We deem them as wastage of time and money. But is it so? I don’t think so. I have been through it and I can claim it to be one of the best things that happened to me. It has grown me, changed me and totally evolved me. Yes, there were indeed times I questioned the virtue of it and wondered if it really makes sense. But looking back, I can see it as an incredible journey to my being; personally and professionally.

So if you really want to find your purpose, your dream and your vision, Seize this opportunity, my friend! Read on to find out what all it can do for you!

1. You get TIME

Time, something which is really depleting in this world. We are rushing like locomotives and jumping like monkeys from one school to another. A gap year will give you a lot of time to put things into perspective and explore your deep rooted interests and passions.

2.  You will really THINK

In this world of herd followers and rat race competition, it’s really important to sit and think. Think what you want to get from your life, think about your dreams and your priorities. Start taking things seriously. It’s going to stay with you forever.

3. You won’t get the CHANCE again

This will be like your extended vacation. No matter how pressing it seems to answer people right now, it will be more difficult years later. Its better to set things right, right now.

4. You can finally READ

All those books you’ve been trashing in your ‘To be read’ list, it’s time to revive them. Give them a read, learn a thing or two. If nothing, bask in the glory of hammock reading and lazy Sundays.

5. You can LEARN a new language

You will never know the charm of a new language till you eventually do it. It’s beautiful to decipher someone else’s culture and appreciate something not of your own. Moreover, you get to go back to school, and it’s fun learning when you know you are not doing it just for the grades.

6. You can TRAVEL

You have grown up and you have all the time in the world, why not travel? If you are thinking you’ll go backpacking someday when you are bored of your job, trust me, you will never. Even if you do, it won’t be as illuminating as it would be right now. Go!

7. You can build up your RESUME

No, not like do a job for the sake for it. There are a lot of things a degree cannot give you. It’s the experience. Earn it. Meanwhile, doing a variety of things will give you avenues to see what really works for you. Work in a start-up or intern at a creative office. You will find it eventually.

8. You can VOLUNTEER

As cliched as this may sound, but volunteering will change your perspective forever. Apart from giving your resume credentials, it reflects a light from another side of the world. You become a part of the world you might not have born in, but knowing it not only makes you aware but also makes you more passionate to bring the change!

9. You can MEET new people

We all know about the creative courses this world has to offer, but who cares? You will do, now. And I would suggest, please do. They can be fun and you could meet some really interesting people there.

10. You can spend all the time lookin’ FAB

Yes, join some dance classes or sweat it out in the gym. You have time and determination. You can play squash or you can swim. You can shop for things you’d be needing in your new life. You can put in the efforts right from here. Looking fabulous will just give you that confidence and you’ll be ready to take on any challenge!

11. You can start a BLOG

Irrespective of the fact that you are a writer or not, you should make a blog of your own. You must be having some hobbies or interests. Channel them more resourcefully and put them on a place to let the world have a look at it. If you’re good at it, share it. Why not?


Yes, there will be hitches. Yes, there will be inhibitions. But all of it will be totally worth it when you see the bigger picture. You are not giving away a year, you are earning the best year of your life.

Take this gap to fill in all the gaps you’ve had!

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