Many Dogs Are Becoming Obese And Diabetic. Here Are The Reasons Why

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10:25 pm 19 May, 2017

A lazy lifestyle, fried food and lack of exercise are making pet dogs prone to diabetics and obesity.

In a survey conducted at the Bhopal Veterinary Hospital, 10 per cent of dogs in the age group of 5 to 7 years are becoming prone to hormonal imbalance, cardiac arrest and/or renal failure.

The hospital’s veterinary director, Dr H L Sahoo, commented that one in every 10 dogs has diabetes and this ratio was almost nil until five years ago. Dr Sahoo said that the primary reason is the feeding habit of the dog. Dogs are carnivorous animals by nature but humans are feeding them all sorts of junk and friend food which has put them at a higher risk of cardiac and renal failure.



Additionally, the lack of exercise has added to the obesity in pet dogs. Labradors and German Shepherds are more prone to obesity as compared to other breeds.

Dr Paresh Jain, Senior Scientist at Mhow Veterniary College, added that 10 to 12 per cent dogs have diabetics, high blood pressure  and thyroid related problems. He also mentioned that the heavy water from tube wells and mineral-lacking milk that the dogs consume are the primary reasons for renal failure and diabetes in the dogs.

Some of the symptoms for diabetes in dogs are excessive drinking of water by the dog, frequent urination and pain during urination and severe skin infections.


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