Truth Behind This Photo’s Fake Story That Is Going Viral On Social Media

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9:20 am 17 Feb, 2017

For past few days, few pictures of Cheetahs devouring an Impala is going viral on social media.


While there is no shock in the fact that these beautifully captured photos have gone viral, what is shocking is the back story that has been added to these photographs.

The story is so impressive, that even our own Shahid Kapoor had initially shared it on his Instagram page (he removed it after finding out the truth).


Screenshot of Shahid’s post. India Today

These photographs were taken by wildlife photographer Alison Buttigieg back in 2013, where, in a series of pictures, she captured cheetahs devouring an impala which had remained calm till the very end of herb life.

These heart-gripping photographs over the past few weeks suddenly took over the internet but unfortunately with a fake story which far from the truth.

The fake story claims that the innocent impala had sacrificed her life so that her calves could escape.


The emotional backing made sure that it has, made sure that will definitely go viral, but the story added another lie to it, that the photographer who shot these images, was so taken aback by this that she fell into depression.

This, unfortunately, was so far from the truth that it forced Alison to take to Facebook and express her dismay and reality behind these photos.

She also narrated the real story behind those powerful pictures in a blog and in her words explained that ‘Narasha’, the cheetah mom was only teaching her youngsters how to kill a prey during this event.

She went on to add that the cubs though were a bit slow on the uptake and instead of killing their pray straight away ended up playing with it.

She added that it was Narasha who is the one that is grabbing the impala’s neck while the youngsters practiced their pouncing and tripping skills, which they get right, but are not able to strangle the impala effectively.

Though she adds that it was “out of the ordinary” that the Impala was so calm throughout its ordeal, though she adds that it is probably due to “shock” which had made her “paralyzed with fear”.

Allison also clears it out that though it seems like an eternity, all of this happened within minutes not hours.

“In the end, after what seemed like an interminable eternity (but it was just a few minutes), the cheetah mom put the impala out of its misery, and the cats got to enjoy a nice meal.”

One must also add that though all of this sounds brutal, it is natural and exactly how mother nature works.

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