11 Real Life Phobias That You Have No Clue About

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6:00 pm 6 Aug, 2015

Life presents different challenges for fearless youths who only seek to make the world a better place. But still they are vulnerable to certain fears that may not afflict others, yet kill them inside. Here is a list of those fears.

1. Nomophobia—the fear of losing cell-phone coverage

For a generation that spends far more time texting one another than talking, Nomophobia is  a fundamental and primal fear. Not knowing how many people liked your most recent facebook post  actually leads to depression if your 3G connection breaks down.

2. Dextrophobia—the fear of anything to the right of you

Although this term technically refers to things that are placed to the right of your body, it can also be used to describe a sudden fear when someone pokes you from the right side.


3. Allodoxaphobia—the fear of other people’s opinions

This refers not only to fear of what others think of you as a person, but also the fear of any opinions that differ from one’s own.


4. Heresyphobia—the fear of any challenges to one’s ideology

It is generally accepted that this phobia arise from a combination of  traumatic events and genetic defect. Many specific phobias can be traced back to a specific triggering event, usually a traumatic experience at an early age.


5. Sophophobia—the fear of learning new things

The problem with today’s youth is that they only read books that they already agree with. But life is much more than that. Without learning, there is no growth.


6. Pogonophobia—the fear of beards

Most people have conquered this fear but for the pogonophobic victim, any visit to a club, coffeeshop, or art gallery can be an experiment in terror.

7. Hoplophobia—the fear of firearms

It is perfectly fine to fear a gun that’s pointed at you, yet it’s entirely stupid to fear the existence of firearms in all cases except when the government owns them.

8. Hesperophobia—the fear of Western civilization

Some people fear that Western civilization is completely evil. And they are against using technology that was developed in the West.


9. Oikophobia—the fear of one’s own surroundings

This phobia causes people to fear their home surroundings. They can experience intense fear of normal household appliances, chemicals, equipment, etc.



10. Misophobia—the fear of hatred

Love and hatred are not opposites but two sides of the one coin. The fear of hatred comes from knowing that you are not good for others and people around you think wrong about you  all the time.


11. Androphobia—the fear of men

Most commonly, a negative or traumatic event, such as rape or sexual assault, is quite likely responsible for it. Little girls are commonly taught to stay away from the opposite sex; this is ingrained since one’s childhood. Warnings like “Don’t friend men” etc can all lead to ‘reprogramming’ of the brain.


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