Kerala Student Builds Real Life ‘Iron Man’ Suit For Science Project, And Yes It Works

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4:17 pm 13 Aug, 2016

A Kerala-based student has successfully created a functional robotic suit which looks and to an extent even works like super-hero ‘Iron-Man’ suit.


Vimal Govin Manikandan, who studies at Kerala’s MES College of Engineering has built a battery-powered functional exoskeleton.

He hopes the suit would soon be put to good use by the military for lifting weights up to 150 kgs.



Manikandan created the suite in a small budget of Rs. 51,000 and was selected amongst applicants belonging to 13 countries for a special conference on mechanics in Singapore.


His suit though has many glitches like lack of more freedom of movement for the wearer and short battery life, he is confident that with right sponsors and management his invention will only develop for the better.

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