15 Situations In Real Life That Represent Doomsday

4:00 pm 13 Feb, 2015

Since 21st December 2012, everybody has been scared that the Doomsday might just be near. Here are 18 such incidents in Real life that represent Doomsday.

1. Crows hovering over your head

Crows have always been a sign of bad omen, and there is nothing scarier than crows hovering in the sky. This sign just shows that there might be something bad coming up soon.

Bad omen

2. Blood red coloured sun while sunset

This is one view that scares the shit out of everyone. Blood red sun does not really give you good indications.


3. Dogs barking continuously at night

When this happens, we know that the things going around are not how you wanted them to be and there might be something cooking in the universe.

4. Broken mirror

This has always resembled bad omen and brings the fear of Doomsday in every human being.

5. Suddenly, you don’t have network in your cell phone

The fear of losing your connection with you dear ones, brings a fear of loneliness and everything falling apart.


6. It is 3 pm in the afternoon and it’s dark outside

When afternoon doesn’t really seem like afternoon anymore, it’s really dark outside the house.


7. Holy Place (e.g. Church) is closed on a special day (say Sunday)

That is something that doesn’t really happen. Right?

Closed Church

8. Entering a village that lacks basic lighting

It’s a Shady area.

9. Corn crops ruined by pests

10. When you are done with shit but have run out of water

An Indian will understand!


11. When you undergo a root canal operation

Oh, the unforgettable experience!

12. Road with a heavenly cross sign

Heavenly cross sign

13. Stuck in a traffic jam for more than 15 minutes


14. You desperately try to recall something important but can’t

15. Rahul Gandhi and Congress

That fear of the world going standstill has been haunting almost everyone time and again.

And these signs just relate us to the Doomsday in some way or the other.

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