#ReadyToWait: Kerala Women Starts Campaign In Support Of Sabarimala Ancient Customs

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10:44 pm 29 Aug, 2016

There has been controversy around ban on entry of women between the age of 10 and 55 to Sabarimala, a counter movement has been started by some Kerala women who accepts the ban.

#Readytowait campaign aims to preserve ‘ancient customs’ of the temple. As the temple only restricts women of a menstruating age group, hence the name.

A facebook user Anjali George explained:


The campaign demands women to be made the decision-maker in the matter, not the courts or some other groups.


Several women have shown their solidarity with the campaign. They have pledged that they are ready to wait until the age of 55 before entering the temple.


The campaign has generated quite a buzz on social media platforms. This comes in wake of the recent landmark judgement of the Bombay High Court which directed the Haji Ali dargah trust to allow entry of women inside the sanctum sanctorum, which was banned by the trust in 2012.

Also, in its earlier judgement, Bombay HC allowed entry of women into the sanctum santorum of a Shani Temple in Maharashtra.


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