No, Dear Patriots, Ratan Tata Did Not Say He Won’t Hire JNU Students

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10:05 am 16 Feb, 2016

Ratan Tata is seen as one of the most patriotic Indian businessmen of the country. But even the Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group, who just made news for his investments in start-ups, would not have imagined that his name will be dragged into a raging controversy that has divided the country along ideological lines.

Yesterday, a picture of Ratan Tata with an anti-JNU comment caught on with social media audiences.



The message reads: Tata Group will not hire any JNU student – Ratan Tata.

Twitter and WhatsApp, in particular, were flooded with different pictures of Ratan Tata with variations of the text in Hindi on them. All of them carried the same message.



But in a response to one Twitter user, the Tata Group clarified that Ratan Tata had made no such remark.




While many social media users fell victim to the fake comment attributed to Ratan Tata, some smart ones not only caught the bluff but also pointed at the ridiculousness of it.




Spreading propaganda, it appears, is the favourite pastime of some cavemen.




Is social media full of fools and idiots?

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